Forging Ahead

While a new normal emerges, NCHPBA will try to keep you informed with various topics and information you need to continue to operate. We do not plan to duplicate the excellent information that HPBA has on the COVID-19 impact that you can obtain from just going to the website. We started providing information on each state but later determined there was so much being provided by each state and from various municipalities within each state, we could not keep up to the everchanging conditions. We started having Coffee Breaks, video conferences on topics to help with networking. We plan to continue these on some basis. We will always notify you of upcoming programs.

We had a virtual Annual Meeting on May 18 with over 25 companies participating. Hope Stevenson then provided information on how to get going again using a sports analogy of car racing. Even if you are not a sports geek, this concept works. Stay tuned as the new normal takes form.

Annual Meeting 2020

NCHPBA will have an Annual Meeting on May 18, 2020 at 10:15 a.m.  Following the meeting, Hope Stevenson will speak on “What Sports Can Tell Us about our Business”.  Yes, this will be a virtual meeting.  We will use Zoom so you can log in and see one another and hear the reports as well as ask questions.  Sure won’t be like being together in one big room, but we will still be together, sort of.

Download the free app if you have not used Zoom before (google Zoom) and join the meeting.  If you have used Zoom before, log in with the following:  If you rather phone in, call:  646-558-8656 and use the ID of 784616229.  Be seeing you soon!