Board Activities

The NCHPBA Board has been very busy this year working on various government issues and plans to hopefully resume a semblance of normal onsite functions in 2021. They will be meeting again in November to detail more activities on obtaining a Hearth Specialty License in Wisconsin. The goal is to eventually have such a license in each state so we are identified as an independent specialty. This will also protect our industry from other entities trying to install our products. The goal is the safest and best installation so everyone can thoroughly enjoy our products.

HPBExpo 2021

Registration is open for HPBExpo 2021. Yes, we completely understand that there are a number of unknowns right now…but March is FIVE months away. We hope things will be much different and all will be well…literally. This is our key national event so save the dates of March 4-6 and join us in Nashville, TN. Better yet, register and plan to go. A recent poll of the NCHPBA Board of Directors showed almost everyone is planning the trip. Don’t miss out. If the situation changes, HPBA has a fantastic plan for virtual. Save the dates. Register now. Go to: