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Both NCHPBA and HPBA are involved in monitoring not only government activities at the federal level but state level as well.  A management program called Multistate assists with tracking statewide legislation using key words to help search all the thousands of potential legislative initiatives that could help or harm our industries.

NCHPBA is participating with HPBA to evaluate using a feature of Multistate to track activities at the city and county level, too.  We tried this with Minnesota in 2016 and have added Wisconsin and Iowa for 2017.    Stay tuned to see how this works out.

We also have Building Association liaisons within NCHPBA that help monitor what might be going on with the construction folks.  Additionally, we are trying to stay tuned with various building official and environmental groups within states that could impact us.  Everyone really needs to keep their eyes and ears open.  If there is a question, just contact the office.  Yes, it is that simple and that is what associations do…help each other!

2019-2020 GEF Committee:  BJ Marcell, Chairman – Joe Holland, Tim Dalsin, John Smith, Lynn Meyer,  Adam Lee, Heath Wetjen, Chris Becker and Jeremy Goodwin.


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