This stands for Duty, Honor, Community and Country.  NCHPBA is encouraging members to plan a program over the Memorial Day time frame to recognize our military (both active and inactive) as well as our police, fire and emergency service personnel for all their service to us.  You can have a “virtual” barbecue, create a store banner, radio or TV ads or come up with something else to thank these people for their service to our communities and our country.

A logo has been designed for your use in this effort.  Feel free to download it or contact the office.



The 2022-23  Committee is headed by Rodger Holland and Mike Adair.  Want to help, just contact the office.  Meetings are all Zoom conference calls.

The Marketing Committee is charged with communications to members.  The E-News, the Annual Newsletter, the web page and this blog are its responsibilities.  Everything is now electronic for speedy notifications and cost savings by not having to print and mail.

We encourage posting to this blog.  All posts will, however, be reviewed in advance by members of the Marketing Committee and/or staff to ensure pertinence as well as compliance with laws/ethics, etc.

Member Feature – to share about yourself to your colleagues!

  1. Company
  2. Location(s) – City, State and street or just city and state??
  3. Owned by
  4. Number years in business
  5. Types of products/services – Just categories or actuals?
  6. Size of store
  7. # Staff
  8. Anything to share about your business or staff that you particularly like
  9. Anything to share about yourself/staff involvement with NCHPBA and/or HPBA
  10. Anything to share about personal likes, etc.
  11. 3 photos

Feature one a month in E-News with placement following on website.  Will note this in FB.  If interested in providing information, would need it within two weeks.  Will be first come – first serve with information.  Will keep a list and post the features in order of receipt.  If get a lot, we could post two per publication. 

"…all for you!"

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