Membership Application 22

Non-manufacturer members of the hearth, patio and barbecue industry join the dual membership association through the affiliates.  Contact the office at 608-829-2580 to talk with staff or send an email to:  and a brochure will be sent.

If you want to renew your dues with an online payment, click Dues.

The categories of membership are:




Manufacturer’s Rep (independents with multi-lines)

Associate (testing labs, computer services, or related interested companies)


Manufacturers that have paid dues to HPBA are automatically members of each affiliate if they contact that affiliate and submit a name of a contact person for that affiliate.  They pay no additional dues for this affiliate membership.

For the HPBA Retailer Toolkit, log in to the HPBA website and click on Non-Manufacturer Benefits.

The 2020-2022 Membership Committee Chairman is: Fred Myers. Members include:  Kirt Schwarm and Joe Holland.

"…all for you!"

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